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The Brand

Inspired by the diversity of cultures behind the founders who make up the 2 hearts behind Mahal Swim; Sara a Palestinian-American and Danae a Filipino-American. Together they cultivated a brand that transcends you to beautiful destinations around the world while also giving back to the Ocean. The name Mahal holds a universal meaning that aligns with the brand’s passion and mission. In Arabic, Mahal means a stopping place, shop, or abode. In Tagalog, Mahal means love, to love someone, valuable, or beloved. In Hawaiian, Mahal means to express gratitude, admiration, and praise.

Our Earth is our “stopping place”, our temporary “abode”, it is important “to love” our Earth, and find ways to “express gratitude” for the life and experiences while we are here.


Mahal Swim is a high-end swimsuit brand that will embrace the collective responsibility of the negative effects of fast-fashion. We love our Ocean and understand our role. Mahal will posit change by implementing luxury sustainable materials, conscious development, and ensuring sustainability at the forefront of manufacturing and retail processes. Mahal promises to present a product to our consumers free of negative environmental consequences from start to finish with a mission to bridge the gap between luxury and sustainability.


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